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Meet Victoria

victoria_dominiqueVictoria D. Schmidt is a woman who lives, loves, and has worked an admirable life through nine decades and well into her 10th. Her wit and style are timeless, as are her energy and curiosity. She has a thirst for knowledge that keeps her current despite her years. She has had it all without ever considering the alternative … love, family, work and friends. She dreams big and has a willing spirit to share the successes and failures that make her such an inspiration.

Victoria climbed the ladder of success by way of being a fashion editor at Woman’s Day magazine in New York City; to serving as the Director of Tourism for the State of New Jersey under Governor Tom Kean; to founding an ESL business in Poland, the land of her heritage; to running her own successful advertising and public relations firm in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Early in her career, she took to the pen with Triumph in Exile, a book celebrating a woman who had a strong voice and made a difference; a topic that would stay with Victoria.

After many years in a happy, loving marriage author, Victoria D. Schmidt, lost her husband, Ralph, to Parkinson’s disease. She discovered several havens including scores of publications that helped her with her grief and gave her a sense of peace. However, Victoria felt there was a need for a book, a single volume that would offer women a wide range of resources … people, places, websites, organizations and more … to find solace and gratifying, new life options. She undertook the task herself. The result is Finding Solitary Contentment. As she worked on the manuscript for this book, she was then inspired to honor her husband with Remembering the Loved One You Lost, a gift book with her poetic reflections of lost love and acceptance, illustrated with stunning photos of the noble lotus.

Ms. Schmidt lives in Oldwick, New Jersey with Dominique, her gentle whippet, and already has plans for her next book. Being an avid Francophile, she hopes to build the “Pavillon Francais” of her dreams in the near future.






victoria d schmidt.

The Author

Victoria D. Schmidt 

Victoria D. Schmidt is an author who understood the concepts of “lean in” long before it became part of our everyday lexicon. Throughout her life she has pursued personal, business and spiritual goals with determination and disregard of any ceiling someone else may have imagined over her head, glass or otherwise. She flourished in the light of an adoring husband and raised a loving daughter while achieving prominence and acclaim in her career. She prides herself on living every day to the fullest with happiness and joie de vivre.

Living A Full Life 

In her latest two books, Victoria, reflects on the challenges of living a full life with intelligence, practicality and compassion. In Move On, her lighthearted style delivers a sensible structure for women rebuilding a broken life due to the loss of a significant partner, be it from death, divorce or things just going wrong. Remembering the Loved One You Lost is a celebration of the joys and sorrows of finding yourself alone. Through sensitive poetry and stunning visuals, she takes you through the grieving process.


victoria d schmidt.

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Alumna Victoria D. Schmidt | 94 years young | reveals how to lead a long, fulfilling life.

“You have to want to live long. You have to view living with grace and acceptance.  And you have to have a purpose.” “Grieving is like splashing your face with cold water. It awakens your senses to reality and opens the path to healing. But you can’t go through it alone. Pouring out your heart […]

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Victoria D. Schmidt isn’t letting her age slow her down Did you have a rough Fashion Month? Imagine covering fashion during the Depression, when people couldn’t even afford to buy clothes. Meet Victoria D. Schmidt, the 94-year-old author and motivational speaker who’s made her career in print journalism, PR, has written novels, and now writes […]

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The alumna whose name graces Douglass’ annual career conference is a trailblazer at the age of 93. “Victoria understood the concept of ‘lean in’ long before it became part of our everyday lexicon,” says Karen Alexander, Dean of Junior and Senior Year Programs and conference organizer. “Throughout her life she has pursued personal, business, and […]

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